Dr. Downs has published many books in the field of psychology.  His most current book, The Velvet Rage, has been critically acclaimed as one of the most important books regarding gay men and shame.
Below are a few of the comments from readers:
"This insightful, superbly written book shares the author's personal and professional experience with the challenges of growing up and living in a complex world. Truly a "page turner" which could not be put down! Recommended most highly. "
Richard from Orange County
"This is a great book written by the passionate expert. The book gives gay people of all ages an access to their long forbidden and disowned feelings, and sets them free to be themselves. The book also gives specialists working with gay populations an understanding of gay culture, and of the ways to help gay people to access their life-long emotional pain. I would recommend this book to gay men of all ages, and all professionals working with gay population."
David from San Francisco
"Your book is a total breakthrough analysis, as important in it’s own way as the Stonewall revolt...It was of course deeply unsettling, and I’m sure I’ll be processing what I read for a long time to come.  I’ve already sent the book to about 10 people, something I never do.  One of my close coworkers just read it with the same delight as me, his reaction was “I’m on every page!"
David from New York City
"I have read, enjoyed, and recommended to many of my patients your book The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man's World. Part of what I liked so much about The Velvet Rage was that it has such clinical relevance, while maintaining a tone and voice that engaged the non-clinical reader. Even though the book contains theories and case narratives to support its thesis, it can be read and understood by almost anyone. I remain impressed by both its scholarship and accessibility."
Coming Soon:  
The Velvet Rage Workbook

Readers of The Velvet Rage have asked for a workbook to accompany the book for years.  This summer, Dr. Downs will release the first edition of a workbook designed to assist individuals and groups in working through the various chapters of The Velvet Rage.

If you have suggestions for content to be included in the workbook, please send an email to

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